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Cloud Gaming

I always thought of a future that we do everything on cloud including gaming. In this future nobody would have to buy a powerful hardware they would just buy some device that has just enough hardware to stream IO between our device and cloud. And all the processing power would be on the cloud.

Today my friend told me that there is already a gaming platform on the cloud: https://www.onlive.com/

I gave it a try with 10 MBit connection it wasn’t playable but promising. Then we tested the platform with 60 MBit connection and it was like magic. It was almost like that there wasn no network between the hardware and our device.

The platform gives you 30 minute free trial which is enough to test it. In order to try the platform:

  • Download and install onlive
  • Go to spectate
  • Start spectating someone’s game
  • Hit ‘P’ and start playing

If you want to give it a try you can go here: https://www.onlive.com/

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