Hi, I'm Ahmet Yasin Uslu

I’m a passionate developer and this is my blog where i write about my thoughts, experiences, failures and everything else that i decide to write.

First Post

I just opened this blog but i actually wanted to start blogging years ago. Whenever i try to open a blog i lose my motivation in the search of perfection.

Today started as another day i try to open my website (i searched every static site generators, plug and play platforms like tumblr, ghost themes) just as i started losing my motivation an hour ago i promised myself to finally open it today. I downloaded Ghost which is the platform i found most suitable. Tested it locally then configured my VPS with nginx and supervisor. Here i am writing my very first post which i had planned to write years ago, so today is a special day for me.

I finally did it, yayy!!!

From now on i’m gonna try not overthinking things.

Altough i started using ghost an hour ago i find it delighting, it feels you at home without slowing you down. Soon i’ll write a blog post about my experience with Ghost after spending some serious time with it.

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